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Ivins City Arts Commission

Life without the collective resources of our museums, libraries, theatres and galleries, or without the personal expression of literature, music and art, would be static and sterile; no creative arguments about the past, no diverse and stimulating present, and no dreams of the future.




The mission of the Ivins City Arts Commission is to encourage, foster, and promote arts and cultural organizations, arts-related activities, and artists, and to identify arts-related funding opportunities to enrich the quality of life in Ivins City.

Ivins City integrates recreational venues and programs and access to the arts to assure residents and visitors experience living artfully.


Ivins City has a strong Parks and Recreation Department working towards this Vision. With this Arts Master Plan, Ivins City commits to encouraging and promoting arts and culture, artists, art installations, activities and education to create a welcoming environment and enrich the lives of residents and visitors.


Public Art
All website photography by Alan Holben 


Joining The Arts Commission

The Arts Commission has seven members appointed by the City Council. A majority of members are to reside in Ivins and have, in the aggregate, broad experience and expertise in the arts and/or arts organization management and such other characteristics valued by the City Council.

Duties of the Arts Commission:

Recommend to the City Council how the Arts Master Plan can best be implemented.

  • Recommend to the City Council persons to be appointed to the Arts Commission.

  • Periodically review the Arts Master Plan in accordance with its provisions and recommend to the City Council revisions to the Plan when warranted.

  • Recommend to the City Council applicants to receive RAP tax funding for the arts.

  • Apply for art grant funds and/or uncommitted art RAP tax funds on behalf of Ivins City (in accordance with Ordinance No. 2019-05)


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